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Your local Lethbridge Park NBN technicians have been delivering same day NBN Installation, NBN Repairs, & NBN data cabling services for commercial and residential clients in Lethbridge Park NSW 2770.

For NBN installation, relocation, repairs, and troubleshooting, rely on our expert technicians. With 25 years in the industry and over 70 years of combined experience, we can handle any NBN issues you may encounter.

Our friendly technician will walk you through all the necessary steps to resolve your NBN-related issues and offer a transparent no-obligation estimate for your peace of mind.

Our Licenced technicians are ready to help 7 days a week 8am to 8pm and we promise to fix your NBN issues on the same day.

NBN Installation, Data Cabling, Data Point Installation, NBN Repairs, NBN Troubleshooting, NBN setup
NBN Installation

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Some of the areas our NBN technicians can assist in:

Are you frustrated with sluggish or unreliable NBN internet service? Tired of the never-ending runaround from your ISP when attempting to resolve issues?

With our team of ACMA-registered NBN technicians we specialize in identifying and rectifying NBN faults guaranteeing fast, dependable, and consistent internet service.

Don’t allow NBN faults to disrupt your daily life – Call us today at 1300 500 400 or 0485 935 987 for prompt, same-day service.

Our expert engineers will take care of the setup of your NBN connection and ensure that all your devices are correctly configured. If you’ve encountered disruptions in your phone, internet, or other services during the transition to the NBN, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

We are committed to promptly resolving any issues and restoring your services to their previous functionality.

Our dedicated engineers will:

– Assist in setting up your NBN NTD box
– Check your service
– Engage with your ISP as necessary
– Configure your wireless modem
– Provide comprehensive training to help you make the most of your new NBN internet connection

For swift and efficient service, call us today on 0485 935 987 for all your NBN needs in Lethbridge Park.

Fed up with enduring long waits on hold with your ISP helpdesk? Experiencing frequent interruptions or complete loss of internet connectivity, only to have the blame shifted to your equipment?

Our certified NBN technicians are here to diagnose and resolve your internet connection problems. 

Our technicians’ comprehensive analysis enables us to identify whether the problems stem from internal wiring or modem issues or if they originate from external network factors, such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

When our licensed testing technician arrives at your location, they will undertake the following steps:

tickConduct tests on your NBN service at the wall socket using our advanced testing equipment, meticulously recording the results.

tickTest your NBN service at the Network Boundary point on your property.

tickRe-terminate wall sockets and address any points of failure, if deemed necessary.

tickIf needed, we can coordinate with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to report external ISP / NBN related faults.

tickAssess your internet speed and make necessary adjustments if it falls below the optimal speed for your area.

tickProvide a detailed report for landlords and strata management, if required.

Having your internet connection tested by our skilled technicians ensures peace of mind and swift resolution of any internet-related issues.

Call us on 1300 500 400 or 0485 935 987 for swift help.

Is your lead-in cable showing signs of faults or damage? Do you require cable repair or the installation of a lead-in cable for your NBN connection?

PC Link NBN Technicians are fully certified to handle cable repairs, replacements, or installations from the carrier’s pit to your first socket or MDF. 

Engage in a direct conversation with a specialist on 1300 500 400 or 0485 935 987 for a no obligation quote and advice.

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the NBN has transformed the way we connect to the internet, becoming an integral part of our daily lives. However, many NBN clients face a common challenge when it comes to ensuring proper internet connectivity and equipment configuration. 

Our NBN technician with IT support skills will ensure that you are seamlessly connected to the internet and your equipment is correctly configured.

1. Comprehensive Troubleshooting:

Our NBN technicians with IT support skills bring a deeper understanding of networking and equipment configuration. When a connectivity issue arises, we can perform comprehensive troubleshooting and go beyond just checking the NBN connection to diagnose and address potential issues related to your router, modem, or internal network setup. This holistic approach saves time and minimizes downtime, ensuring a smoother internet experience.

2. Equipment Configuration:

While traditional NBN technicians focus on setting up the NBN connection itself, our IT-savvy technicians can extend their expertise to configure your equipment. Whether it’s optimizing your router settings for improved Wi-Fi performance or ensuring that all devices are correctly connected to the network. Our experience and attention to detail enhances your online experience and minimizes potential future problems.

3. Security Considerations:

Cybersecurity is a growing concern, and our NBN IT technicians play a vital role in ensuring your network’s security.

Our engineers can set up firewalls, advise on the best security practices, and even help you install antivirus software. This proactive approach safeguards your online activities from potential threats and provides peace of mind.

4. Tailored Solutions:

No two households or businesses are exactly alike. Our IT-savvy NBN technicians can provide tailored solutions to meet your unique connectivity needs. They can assess your specific requirements, such as smart home integrations, home office setups, or gaming needs, and configure your network accordingly. This customization ensures that your NBN connection is optimized for your lifestyle and activities.

5. Ongoing Support:

The role of an NBN technician doesn’t end when the initial setup is complete. Our NBN technicians with IT support skills can offer ongoing support. They can assist with issues that may arise in the future, such as slow internet speed, dropped connections, or network performance problems. Their expertise ensures that you have a reliable point of contact for all your internet-related concerns.

In conclusion, our NBN technician with IT support skills can significantly enhance your internet connectivity experience. Their ability to troubleshoot, configure equipment, address security concerns, offer tailored solutions, and provide ongoing support sets us apart from traditional NBN technicians.

Call us on 0485 935 987 for same day service in Lethbridge Park

Have you recently had your NBN connection installed, only to find that the technician placed your NBN box and modem in an impractical location, like your bedroom or garage?

Moving your NBN NTD, can it be moved to another area?

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to move your NBN NTD to a more suitable area, the answer is yes! If your NBN box’s current location isn’t ideal, we recommend reaching out to us to discuss your options.

Relocating your NBN box involves several steps, and it’s crucial to engage a highly trained licensed technician for the task. Our technician will assess the current NBN box location, the new desired location, and ensure that all the necessary internal wiring connections can be re-established at the new connection point.

Here’s how our licensed NBN technicians approach NBN box relocation:

Are there alternatives to moving the NBN Box?

Absolutely! Depending on your specific reasons for wanting to relocate your NBN box, there may be alternative solutions. Typically, users consider moving their box for three main reasons:

  1. Impractical or potentially damaging location, like a garage, kitchen, or bedroom.
  2. A desire to optimize NBN connection speed by placing it closer to devices like TVs, PlayStations, or computers.
  3. A need to improve wireless coverage throughout the house.

We can improve your wireless modem signal or simply relocate your internal modem by running a cat6 cable to relocate your modem to a more practical location in your home or office.

Feel free to reach out to us on 0485 935 987, and our NBN technician will provide you with valuable guidance with no obligations.

If you require internet access in an outbuilding, shed, or a granny flat that shares the same address as the primary residence on a block of land, you cannot apply for a new NBN network connection. This limitation arises from the requirement that each connection must have a unique address. Given that the primary building has already claimed the address, it cannot be used again for another connection unless you have available.

If NBN-FTTP is available in your location it is possible to open a new account using the available UNI-D port. Unfortunately, NBN FTTC, HFC, FTTN will only allow 1 service per premises.

To establish an NBN connection in such a scenario, you’ll need to extend the existing connection from the primary residence. This can be achieved by extending the signal of your local Wi-Fi network or by installing a new connection if Fibre-to-the-premises exist in your case.

Our experienced team has successfully assisted numerous clients in providing internet access to granny flats and sheds, and we’re eager to assist you as well.

Feel free to reach out to us on 1300 500 400 or 0485 935 987, and our NBN technician will provide you with valuable guidance at no cost.

Not able to run to a data cable? 

A Wireless Network Bridge simply creates a stable and invisible data cable between 2 points/buildings spanning across several buildings or point to point.

Creating a long range CCTV, Internet and/or Star link solution is easy and affordable.

Our B2B wireless network bridge is reliable and trouble free.

Benefits of Wireless Network Bridge or B2B Wireless Link:

  1. Invisible Connection: Wireless bridges provide a virtual cable connection between two points, eliminating the need for physical cables over long distances.

  2. Long Range: These bridges are capable of spanning several kilometres, making them suitable for connecting buildings that are far apart.

  3. Stability: Establishing stable wireless connections is crucial for applications like CCTV and internet access. A reliable wireless network bridge can provide the stability needed for these applications.

  4. Affordability: Wireless solutions can often be more cost-effective than running physical cables, especially when the terrain or infrastructure makes cable installation challenging.

  5. Ease of Installation: Setting up a wireless network bridge is generally easier and quicker than laying physical cables, which might be impractical or costly in certain situations.

  6. B2B Solutions: Tailoring these solutions for business-to-business needs suggests that your services are geared towards providing reliable connectivity solutions for other businesses.

  7. Technical Support: Mentioning B2B technicians implies that your service includes technical support to assist businesses in finding the best solutions for their connectivity needs.

Call us on 1300 500 400 or 0485 935 987 to talk with a B2B technicians for he best solutions for your needs.

PC Link data cabling engineers specialise in residential and commercial structured cabling.

We can assist in:

tickCAT6 and CAT6a Structured data and voice cabling.

tickData cabling diagnostic and troubleshooting.

tickNew fit-outs or  additional data points.

tickNetwork cable management systems.

tickServer & telecommunications racking.

tickVoIP & PAPX service and support.

tickSecurity surveillance (CCTV).

tickFibre-optic services.

tickAudio & visual.

Call us on 0485 935 987 for all your Data Cabling needs in Lethbridge Park.

Our experienced technicians are well-equipped to deliver a reliable and cost-effective wireless network installation tailored to the unique needs of your home and office.

Here’s how we’ve assisted our customers:

tickCommission, Configure, and Manage Fast WiFi Mesh Networks:
We have the expertise to set up, configure, and manage high-speed WiFi mesh networks, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your premises.

tickOnsite WiFi Analyzer Tests:
Our technicians conduct onsite WiFi analyzer tests to determine the optimal placement of WiFi devices and identify any WiFi dead spots. This ensures comprehensive coverage and a robust connection.

tickBandwidth Analyses:
We perform bandwidth analyses to assess your network’s capacity and ensure it meets your data demands without compromising speed or reliability.

tickData Cabling Requirements:
When necessary, we address data cabling requirements to facilitate easy plug-and-play WiFi installations at your desired locations.

tickWiFi Segmentation:
For enhanced security and network management, we implement WiFi segmentation to separate guest, staff, and critical services networks, ensuring continuity and privacy.

tickWiFi Solutions for Various Settings:
Our specialist team provides comprehensive WiFi solutions tailored to various settings, including homes, businesses, retail establishments, office buildings, residential apartments, and hospitality settings.

Our primary goal is to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective WiFi solution that caters to your specific needs. Whether you’re in retail, office, residential, or hospitality sectors, we’re committed to ensuring that your WiFi network is efficient, secure, and tailored to your requirements.

PC Link jumpering services or otherwise referred to as A to B jumpering are performed by fully licensed and qualified ACMA private telephone and internet technicians.

Get in touch with our team for same day service.

NBN Fibre cable repairs NBN Installation

We can assist in NBN Fibre cable installation and repairs for home and businesses.

Our service includes running or replacing a fibre cable, fibre cable repairs and fibre splicing where a cable is damaged between two points.

Our technicians will commission your entire project from planning liaising, installing and commissioning and testing the service for use.

Reach out to us with any questions or comments; we’re here to support you.

Simply call us on 0485 935 987 for same-day fibre optic installation and repairs in Lethbridge Park.

With a rich legacy spanning over 25 years, PC Link stands as a dependable ally for businesses, catering to their IT and Telecommunications (IT&T) needs.

Our expert network engineers provide tailored solutions for organisation network covering all your IT equipment and data requirements.

In addition to installation and ad-hoc support, we offer ongoing network maintenance services to keep your network running smoothly and ensures its continued efficiency.

Our dedicated team is here to provide a wide range of electrical services to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers.

Our services encompass:

tickElectrical faults diagnostics and repairs.

tickPower point installation.

tickSmart office automation wiring and installation.

tickEnergy saving & smart sensors.

tickNew home, retail & office fitouts.

We take pride in delivering top-notch electrical solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re dealing with electrical issues, seeking energy-efficient solutions, or planning a new construction project, our team is ready to assist you.

Whether you require a new CCTV Security Surveillance or in need to manage, troubleshoot or maintain your CCTV system we are here to help.

We handpick Australia’s best CCTV systems to ensure reliability and long return on your investment.

Received your Starlink Installation Kit or exploring options for supply of Starlink’s equipment and require a Starlink Installation in either residential or commercial premises by professional installation technicians?

Our Starlink installers are equipped to install and repair your new Starlink Satellite as per specific wireless installation guidelines specified under the ACMA (Australian Communications Media Authority) and on completion of the professional installation testing your Service ensuring optimal speeds are achieved and maintained.

Our technicians follow a structured and reliable process to ensure consistent quality across all installations.

  1. Survey: Assess installation site in relation to technician access, signal strength, safety, cable routes, mounting possibilities and preferred router/modem location.
  2. Plan: Select optimum mount to use for the Starlink dish, and the most efficient cable route from the dish to the interior router.
  3. Install: Firmly mount the Starlink dish to the roof or wall of the building. Drill necessary holes through the roof and/or walls for the Starlink’s cable to pass through. Any exterior cable must be firmly pinned down. Feed the cable into the building and waterproof the entry holes. 
  4.  Set-up: Connect the Starlink router and dish cable to the power block, then plug the power block into a power outlet inside.
  5. Test: Run a speed test to check the download and upload speed. Internet connection must be fast and effective before leaving the install site. 

PC Link technicians are your professional starlink installation company with field technicians covering all suburbs in Sydney. Our team will prepare, configure and test all aspects of your Starlink service ensuring quality mounts, parts and installation is executed by our install engineers.

Get in touch with our NBN Technicians for swift help

A strong network infrastructure is the backbone of your businesses technology and communication system.



Ensuring your network is operating at its optimal  capability is top priority. 

Whether you have an existing network or a setting up a new network, our data cabling engineers can taylor a network solution suitable for your business requirements.

We set up data cabling and IT network to reduce bottlenecks and downtime whilest maximise your productivity.

Your Local NBN Technician Experts in Lethbridge Park

PC Link technicians are ready to help with all your NBN Repairs, NBN Installation, Relocation and Data Cabling needs.

Our Lethbridge Park NBN technicians are ready to help 7 days a week 8am – 8pm.

Our business is built on providing a “total technology solution” eliminating the need for our clients to deal with multiple vendors.

Get in touch for same day service for all your NBN & data cabling needs in Lethbridge Park.

Same day NBN & data cabling around Lethbridge Park.

We cover all aspects of your NBN & data cabling installation and services for:

  • Home & Office
  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Shopping centres
  • Apartments & Strata
  • Complete fit-outs

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Data Cabling, NBN Installation, NBN Repairs, NBN Box relocation, nbn setup

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Data Cabling, NBN Installation, NBN Repairs, NBN Box relocation, nbn setup

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PC Link NBN & data cabling technicians have been providing data cabling and NBN services for over 25 years around Lethbridge Park NSW 2770

Data Cabling, NBN Installation, NBN Repairs, NBN Box relocation, nbn setup

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